Activity Professionals Appreciation Week 2019!

January 20-26 was Activity Professionals Appreciation Week! We would like to recognize our outstanding activity department. At The Terrace our activities department works very hard every day to provide residents with activities designed around each individual resident to enrich the quality of their lives.

“The Most Creative Job In The World”, a poem by Rosemary Beddingfield describes our activity department perfectly: “It involves love and caring, recreation, education, leadership, entertainment, handicrafts, art cuisine, horticulture, literature, a sense of humor, intelligence, training, community relations, weekends and evenings, economics, maintenance, decorating, transportation, counseling, evaluating, enthusiasm, decision making, diplomacy, meetings, planning, purchasing, accounting, management, religion, psychology, hard work daring creative thinking, theoretic, dexterity, music, physical fitness, patience, and energy. Anyone who can handle all of these has to be someone special.”

Thank you to our activities professionals who tailor individualized and group activities for our residents, provide purpose and dignity to daily life, and spread cheer and positivity to our residents, staff, and visitors each day. We are blessed to have you on our team!